Conflict Resolution Coaching Can Help You Move Ahead

Help to Move AheasdWhen genuine human differences are mismanaged, the cost of conflict is borne by the individual as well as the institution. From simple disagreement to outright aggression, discord takes its toll both on the individuals involved and their collective efforts – i.e. corporate productivity.

The more skilful we are as individuals and organizations in expressing our genuine intentions, the more likely we are to get a fair hearing for our views. If a disagreement escalates, however, your situation may best be handled through one of our formal methods of resolution that require specialized skills.

  • Individual coaching for conflict resolution, or
  • Mediation (bringing all the parties to the table with a neutral facilitator).

These methods enable people to come to a greater understanding that improves collaboration among them.

Copyright(c) 2015 Carol J. Sutton Cert.ConRes.


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