One Person At A Time©

One Person, head with keyInterpersonal differences that feel threatening to one’s self-worth are those that generate the most destructive contention among people. Both open and covert conflict between and among people is usually the result. Poorly handled, the conflict saps everyone’s energy, interferes with relationships and prevents the individual and colleagues from reaching their business goals.

Conversely, when people manage conflict constructively, they are able to generate new ideas for personal and organizational growth and development; solve the inevitable problems that are bound to emerge from time to time, and work more cohesively as a team.

In addition, internal, values-oriented struggles often cause the most fundamental personal anguish. For instance, personal preferences may clash with job demands, and ethical beliefs can be challenged by some business practices. What we want to do and that which we feel we ought to do can lead to significant personal stress and conflict.

We combine the best elements of executive coaching and conflict resolution for people who prefer an individual effort to address either or both interpersonal and internal circumstances, and master the key communication skills and conflict management insights covered in our group programs.

Copyright(c) 2015 Carol J. Sutton Cert.ConRes.

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