The How and Why of Behaviour©

How and Why, group facesCapacity- and productivity-building initiatives improve the results of teams’ efforts. Removing barriers to effective communication and building both communication and conflict management skills are central to our initiatives.

Through The How and Why of Behaviour©, group members – of both project and permanent intact teams – gain the ability to experience better results by learning how they affect others through their words and behaviours, as well as what to do about the ways in which others affect them.

It all starts with the individual: Self-knowledge and self-management are the first steps toward effective collaboration. The How and Why of Behaviour© is a foundational teamwork program in which participants engage in a range of exercises, based on the results of a dynamic psychometric profile. The profile report, given to each of the participants for their continued use, becomes the foundation for interpersonal understanding and communication.

Team members learn, practise and master techniques through which they come to understand and work well with their own and others’ communication styles and preferences. We show participants how to integrate this essential knowledge into their daily practices, i.e. to work more effectively, both as individuals and team members. By working past their differences, participants increase their collaborative ability in joint problem-solving and create positive outcomes for the organization.

Copyright(c) 2015 Carol J. Sutton Cert.ConRes.

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